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Diesel Half-Ton Tug of War: Chevy versus Passage versus Slam

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Outfitted with diesel motors, the light-obligation 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500, 2019 Ford F-150, and the 2020 Ram 1500 battle for trailer-towing, fuel-tasting matchless quality.

We realize what you’re thinking: Didn’t you simply pick the Ram 1500 as a 10Best victor? For what reason would you say you are contrasting these trucks again unexpectedly early? All things considered, upsets happen constantly, and when you restricted the concentration to a solitary model as opposed to the whole range, it’s conceivable that the Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado 1500 beats the Ram. So we arranged the Big Three’s new half-ton diesels and let them slug it out.

It was a reasonable battle. We assembled four-entryway team taxi adaptations with four-wheel drive and two-speed move cases, five-seat cowhide insides, and five-figure asking costs that start with “6.” at the end of the day: These aren’t carefully work trucks. These pickups satisfy an every day crucial dissimilar to an enormous SUV, though with heftier towing limits (see diagram underneath).


Vehicle and Driver

A diesel in a Ram 1500 is the same old thing. The EcoDiesel brand has just experienced an emanations embarrassment including its VM Motori–provided 3.0-liter V-6. Inaccessible a year ago, the turbo-diesel is back with more force. It presently makes 260 horses and (progressively essential to the coal-moving network) 480 pound-feet of torque, additions of 20 steeds and 60 pound-feet over the past gen. The EcoDiesel, which accompanies a compulsory 3.92:1 last drive, is a $5090 redesign over the base gas V-6.

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Chevy’s powertrain sparkles constantly yet never so splendidly as when it’s snared to a 6650-pound trailer. On the off chance that all we could possibly do was tow, the Duramax may be sufficient to prevail upon us.

Portage was underdog to get on board with the light-obligation diesel fleeting trend when it started offering its own turbo 3.0-liter V-6 for the 2018 model year. The motor originates from Europe, a cousin of the turbo-diesel that Jaguar Land Rover introduces in Range Rovers, among others. It is the weakling right now, 250 torque and 440 pound-feet. Portage entangles things by offering the diesel in various trims for various sums. In our test truck, it’s a $4750 alternative.

Andi Hedrick

Most current on the scene is Chevrolet’s—sit tight for it—3.0-liter six. Prepare to be blown away. It was additionally evolved in Europe, however not at all like the others, it is completely new and organizes the chambers in a straight line. Similarly as Ford has repurposed the “Force Stroke” marking of its hard core motor for its light-obligation six, Chevy dedicates this turbo-diesel “Duramax” with the expectation that you’ll make a psychological association with the 910-lb-ft beast that goes into the brand’s HD trucks. The Duramax makes the most intensity of the bundle, with 277 steeds on tap, and the second-most bend, with 460 pound-feet. Likewise like Ford’s arrangement, the expense for the diesel choice relies upon trim. In a Silverado LTZ, it’s a $2495 charge.

Chevy Silverado’s Diesel Six Is Ultrasmooth


Tried: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

The Ford and Chevy share a transmission, however you could never realize it by driving them. It isn’t such a lot of that the Ford’s variant is prominent, it’s that the Silverado’s fills in as consistently as the inline-six that turns it. Chevy’s powertrain sparkles constantly yet never so brilliantly as when it’s snared to a 6650-pound trailer. On the off chance that all we could possibly do with one of these trucks was tow, the Duramax may be sufficient to prevail upon us. It is that decent.

Andi Hedrick

The Silverado additionally best a great deal of goal details, including payload, as-tried cost, and speeding up. It is the lightest in the test which jabs a corroded gap in Ford’s aluminum-body procedure. Indeed, even the completely kitted Ram 1500 is lighter than the F-arrangement pickup.

With huge fuel tanks and productive diesel motors, these trucks offer long stretch range and, in the Ram’s case, close extravagance vehicle comfort.

However, while this truck, outfitted with the Duramax and the Z71 rough terrain bundle, rides superior to other current-gen Silverados we’ve tried, it is no counterpart for the Ram’s supple ride and adroit taking care of. The alarming thing for the challenge is that the Ram isn’t only useful for a truck; it’s out and out great. The F-150, then again, never settles down. It bucks, squirms, shimmies, and bounces unendingly after an in any case minor obstruction. We thought connecting a trailer may quiet the ride, however it didn’t.

Andi Hedrick

Impartially, Ram’s EcoDiesel isn’t the best at doing truck things. As the outlines uncover, the Ram’s payload is lower than the Chevy’s, and its tow rating is bested by the Ford’s. In any case, the distinctions are irrelevant. About the main issue anybody had with the Ram was its worked feeling when attempting to keep a 70-mph pace with a trailer close behind; 65 was okay.

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2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Has 480 LB-FT of Torque

The genuine knockout punch came at the fuel siphon. Returning 30 mpg, the Ram bests its rivals by a wide edge. We should take note of that there is a thin yet genuine chance that the Ram didn’t encounter a solitary particulate-channel regen occasion during the miles we logged. These intermittent self-cleanings—think colon blow for your fumes—expend additional fuel. Regardless of whether we multiplied the most dire outcome imaginable, including a large portion of a gallon of diesel to our count, the Ram would in any case have arrived at the midpoint of a best-in-test 27 mpg. Towing economy was basically a wash, with just a 1-mpg spread among the pickups.

At last, this wasn’t anything over a competing match for the 10Best-winning Ram 1500. The irritated should pause. We’re certain that Ford and Chevy will mount another title challenge soon enough.

Vehicle and Driver

third Place: Ford F-150 Power Stroke

Highs: Tow-limit champ, aluminum body won’t rust.

Lows: Heavy in spite of predominant aluminum, terrible ride, shoddy inside.

Vehicle and Driver

second Place: Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Duramax

Highs: Velvety motor, plush trans, flawless brake feel.

Lows: Bland outside, deadened inside, can’t coordinate the solace of the portion’s ideal.

Vehicle and Driver

first Place: Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

Highs: Remarkable ride and taking care of, as cleaned as an extravagance vehicle, tastes fuel.

Lows: somewhat toiled with a moderate trailer, yet just a bit.