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How Marketers Can Use the Power of Exit-Intent Pop-Ups to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

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What Are the Exit-Intent Pop-Ups and Why Are They Important in Situs Poker Online?
The exit-intent pop-ups are windows that appear just before your website visitor decides to leave your website. They operate on the principle of smart exit-intent technology that monitors cursor movement.

Their purpose is to keep visitors alert in order to maintain their interest. Those exit-intent pop-ups should have a clear CTA button, visually appealing design, and an intriguing copy.

With exit-intent pop-ups, you can improve your bounce rate and create an amazing user experience.

This type of pop-up window prevents visitors from leaving the website by offering a special offer that will encourage them to change their decision and to leave before taking some action.

It is up to you to decide how you will conceptualize this offer.

You can combine different items and present them as benefits. For example, in a pop-up copy, offer anyone who subscribes to your newsletter a certain discount on your products or services.

But, make sure your newsletter emails are worth reading and that they retain subscribers that you can convert into real buyers later on.

4 Essential Pillars of Converting Exit-Intent Pop-Ups
To get the most out of using exit-intent pop-ups, use these 4 essential pillars and popup best practices:

Right context

The pop-up should be consistent with your website as well as with the type of content you present. Keep in mind that it is actually proceeding to what the visitor saw last before deciding to leave the website.

It is, therefore, a good practice to place appropriate exit-intent pop-ups on each landing page of the website.

Great copy

It should be brief, but highly effective. Although all of these parts are very important, there is a special, fundamental weight on the copy.

Its role is to indicate how great the value awaits whoever becomes your subscriber.

Eye-catchy design

Exit-intent pop-ups must be more effective than the page itself the visitor is currently on.

Include a logotype, use the eye-catching colour scheme, simple and readable fonts, and CTA button in contrasting bright colour.

Compelling offer

Include what your marvellous offer is about. When it comes to the newsletter, you can specify what all your subscribers can come across in your messages. These can be full guides, interesting news, special discounts, informative videos, important links, and similar.

Add a clear and simple CTA button like Subscribe now or Sign me up! so that they can fully understand what they need to do.