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Our Subaru Ascent Drinks Heavily When Towing

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After 30,000 miles, the three-push Ascent is ending up being an able and dependable enormous box, but a parched one.

30,000-Mile Update

Our long haul 2019 Subaru Ascent is streaming its way to the 40,000-mile finish line. The Ascent doesn’t draw in a lot of consideration for its driving elements, and with all the more alluring newcomers in our armada, for example, the Ram 1500 and the Kia Telluride, it isn’t our go-to for extended periods. As the miles tick away, however, the large Subie keeps doing what it specializes in, rearranging around individuals and their stuff.

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We recently put the Ascent’s 5000-pound towing ability to work pulling a girthy encased snowmobile trailer. All the more as of late, staff proofreader Drew Dorian pulled an Airstream Caravel make a trip trailer to Michigan’s beachy west coast. In spite of the fact that the Subaru towed the extravagant tin can absent a lot of dramatization, pulling the feign confronted Airstream on the parkway worked the Ascent’s turbocharged 2.4-liter level four like a pack donkey. With the constantly factor transmission incapable to utilize its higher virtual proportions, the Ascent swallowed premium gas to the tune of 9 mpg. In any case, Dorian complimented the Subaru’s roadway steadiness with a trailer close behind, however simply subsequent to impairing the hyperactive path keeping help. At the point when that framework is enacted, the Ascent tends to wander between the lines, making the Airstream sway behind the ute like a pooch’s tail. Dorian additionally commended the freight hold’s abundant space and its capacity to swallow an end of the week of outdoors supplies.

VIEW PHOTOSAirstream Caravel

Drew DorianCar and Driver

We’ve figured out how to adapt to the perpetual blares and rings of Subaru’s driver-help frameworks, for the most part by crippling them. Be that as it may, duplicate boss Carolyn Pavia-Rauchman found one more bother identified with diverted driving. At the point when the Subaru is halted and the vehicle before it moves, the Ascent doesn’t promptly go with the same pattern; rather, it signals at you and presentations a “vehicle in front has moved” alert in the instrument group. Is it awful that we now and then look at Lightning Lap recordings at stoplights? The Ascent thinks so.

Up until now, our Ascent has not encountered any significant hiccups. Since our last update, it’s made two outings to the administration place for fixes and standard support. A broke windshield cost us $646 and the resulting recalibration of Subaru’s EyeSight wellbeing suite set us back another $165. At the careful 30,000-mile exam, the tech replaced the oil and air channel, played out a tire turn, flushed the brakes, and investigated the vehicle for a sum of $319. That puts us $701 into the red for planned support.

VIEW PHOTOS2019 Subaru Ascent Touring

Brad FickCar and Driver

After the Subaru’s parkway loaded occasion outings, we had wanted to see the Ascent’s watched mileage improve, yet it’s despite everything holding at 20 mpg, or 2 mpg short of what the EPA’s consolidated gauge recommends. With somewhere in the range of 7000 miles to go in our test, there’s as yet an opportunity for the Subie’s mileage to improve, if we don’t enroll it for any extra trailering obligation.

Months in Fleet: 14 months Current Mileage: 33,181 miles

Normal Fuel Economy: 20 mpg

Fuel-Tank Size: 19.3 lady Observed Fuel Range: 380 miles

Administration: $701 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0

Harm and Destruction: $811


2019 Subaru Ascent


front-motor, all-wheel-drive, 7-traveler, 4-entryway hatchback


$46,743 (base cost: $45,670)

Motor TYPE

turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve level 4, aluminum square and heads, direct fuel infusion


146 in3, 2387 cm3


260 hp @ 5600 rpm


277 lb-ft @ 2000 rpm


constantly factor programmed with manual moving mode


Suspension (F/R): swaggers/multilink

Brakes (F/R): 13.1-in vented plate/13.0-in vented circle

Tires: Falken Ziex ZE001 A/S, 245/50R-20 102H M+S


Wheelbase: 113.8 in

Length: 196.8 in

Width: 76.0 in

Tallness: 71.6 in

Traveler volume: 148 ft3

Load volume: 18 ft3

Control weight: 4656 lb


Rollout, 1ft: 0.3 sec

60 mph: 6.4 sec

100 mph: 17.5 sec

120 mph: 30.2 sec

Moving beginning, 5–60 mph: 7.0 sec

Top apparatus, 30–50 mph: 3.7 sec

Top apparatus, 50–70 mph: 4.8 sec

Standing ¼-mile: 15.1 sec @ 94 mph

Top speed (representative constrained): 130 mph

Braking, 70–0 mph: 168 ft

Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.82 g



Watched: 20 mpg

Unscheduled oil increments: 0 qt


Joined/city/thruway: 22/20/26 mpg


3 years/36,000 miles heavily congested;

5 years/60,000 miles powertrain;

5 years/boundless miles consumption insurance;

3 years/36,000 miles emergency aides

20,000-Mile Update


2019 Subaru Ascent Touring

Brad FickCar and Driver

Ten months, three seasons, and just about 25,000 miles have gone since we took conveyance of our long haul Subaru Ascent. Over that time, we’ve adjusted ourselves to the soft ceaselessly factor programmed transmission (CVT) that deals with the low-end snort of the 260-hp turbocharged 2.4-liter level four, however it’s the Subie’s driver-help frameworks that keep on inciting grumblings in the logbook.

Are drivers actually this diverted? Subaru must have a few information to think so. The ceaseless signals activated by path flight admonitions, joined by the meddling path focusing help arrangement of Subaru’s EyeSight security suite, have begun to drive a few staff members bananas—and really become interruptions themselves. “They’re similar to a helicopter parent whose child is in school,” opined Buyer’s Guide proofreader Eric Stafford.



Brad FickCar and Driver

Different analysts are arriving at their absolute limit’s with the Ascent’s roadway driving elements. This present Subaru’s directing is lighter at speed than we’d like, its vibe is dubious on-focus, and the path focusing framework convolutes things further by continually controlling the on-focus balance. Exacerbated by a brisk electrically helped directing rack and a little distance across guiding wheel, driver inputs are misrepresented and more sudden than anticipated, conveying ungainly reactions. Extra tirades thump the underdamped suspension and over the top body roll that bargain both ride and dealing with, which senior manager Eric Tingwall notes makes the Ascent “feel like a five-year-old plan” contrasted and the most current passages in the class, for example, the Kia Telluride.

We’ll concede we’re a lot harder on brakes than the normal driver, yet we didn’t expect our long-termer’s front brake rotors to twist after only 16,000 miles. The vendor restored the rotors for nothing out of pocket, and the beating brake pedal still can’t seem to return. Something else, the Subie has become an ideal specimen for dependability, with routine oil changes, assessments, and tire revolutions each 6000 miles and lodge air channel substitutions each 12,000. The Ascent has expelled $382 from our pockets up to this point.


2019 Subaru Ascent Touring

Brad FickCar and Driver

With summer rapidly blurring into memory, numerous warm-climate treks to the edges of northern Michigan profited the Ascent’s watched mileage, which is currently up to 20 mpg. All things considered, the failure to extend a fill of the 19.3-gallon fuel tank past 400 miles implies there’s a lot of chances for travelers to ease themselves of each ounce of fluid that the Ascent’s over the top number of cupholders (18) can contain.

For most drivers, the outdoorsy Subaru way of life is approaching hibernation for the year as their kayaks, bicycles, and capacity racks before long will be concealed for winter. The all-wheel-drive Ascent itself, be that as it may, should walk through the white stuff with little issue once we reinstall its Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 winter tires.

Months in Fleet: 10 months Current Mileage: 24,983 miles

Normal Fuel Economy: 20 mpg

Fuel-Tank Size: 19.3 lady Observed Fuel Range: 380 miles

Administration: $382 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0

Harm and Destruction: $0

10,000-Mile Update



Brad FickCar and Driver

In the wake of logging almost 7000 miles in its initial two months of administration, our long haul Subaru Ascent’s pace eased back over the winter a very long time as less staff members wandered a long way from home. This isn’t on the grounds that the large box seven-seater is disagreeable or a not-winter-prepared thing. Our low use was increasingly an impression of current market patterns, as our armada is flush with family haulers: Right now, we have seven utility vehicles, two station wagons, two pickups, and a van all competing for the consideration of staff individuals arranging a long excursion.

All things considered, our 2019 Subaru Ascent Touring keeps on fulfilling its crucial, people, canines, and the entirety of their effects without huge dramatization. Since our acclimating period, the recurrence of remarks in the logbook has trailed off. This can frequently mean one of two things: The vehicle doesn’t rouse drivers to give honors, or it does nothing gravely enough to energize us to put pen to paper to scorn its blemishes. In the Ascent’s case, we believe it’s a blend of both and eventually a sign that the Ascent isn’t polarizing.


Brad FickCar and Driver

Staff members keep on commending the turbocharged 2.4-liter level four motor’s base end punch, regardless of whether the underlying throttle tip-in is somewhat hyperactive. The mix of the Ascent’s standard all-wheel-drive framework and the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 winter tires we introduced disregarded the freezing months, during which our not really logical test pilots viewed that the ute’s sash is as excessively near the ground to climb the blanketed parking garage pinnacles of Mount Grocery Store without scouring. Luckily, no Subarus were hurt during this activity. There were additionally some particularly chil