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Touring the countryside In Our Honda Passport Is (Mostly) a Joy

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In spite of a couple of glitches with its driver-help tech, Honda’s fair size SUV has exceeded expectations as a dependable long stretch explorer. 10,000-Mile Update

Our long haul Honda Passport is ending up being a cultivated and successive explorer in the couple of months that it’s been with us, cruising past the 10,000-mile mark on the rear of various excursions around North America. All the more astonishingly, it has done as such while producing just a couple of nits for us to pick.

Creation fashioner Jeff Xu directed the Passport on its longest excursions. These included separate treks from our Ann Arbor, Michigan, command post to both Denver and New Orleans. After both, Xu adulated the Passport’s freight space, liberal inside cubbies, and various USB ports for charging different gadgets without a moment’s delay. His main problem? “I discovered that all the cupholders were too little to even think about fitting bigger jugs, as Gatorades or Nalgenes,” he wrote in the Honda’s logbook.


Brad FickCar and Driver

An outing to Toronto created an increasingly huge objection in regards to the Passport’s path takeoff cautioning highlight, which flashes an alarm in the measure bunch and shakes the guiding wheel before the SUV’s tire even crosses the inside line. While that degree of excessive touchiness absolutely is the consequence of Honda’s proactive position on security, it rapidly gets irritating while cruising the roadway through development zones with limited paths and firmly bunched orange barrels.

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We’ve logged comparative protests with Honda’s crash shirking innovation in a portion of its different models, including our long haul 2018 Honda Accord. In any case, our Passport will likewise sporadically peruse the open street as a potential impediment and initiate the vehicle’s computerized crisis stopping mechanism for no undeniable explanation—a lot to its driver’s astonishment. What’s more, uneasiness.

At a little more than 10,000 miles, the Passport visited the seller for its previously planned assistance, which incorporated an oil change, tire revolution, and the changing of its back differential liquid for $134. (The seller changed the motor oil without supplanting the channel, according to Honda’s bizarre help suggestions.) Our solitary other consumption up to this point has been the fixing of a stone chip in the windshield ($50). While we’ll likely need to supplant the windshield before the Honda’s time with us is up, $50 is far simpler to stomach now than the $1000 or so new glass will cost.


Brad FickCar and Driver

The remainder of the remarks in the Passport’s logbook for the most part have been about the OE-size Yokohama IceGuard G075 winter tires we introduced at around 11,000 miles. A few staff members noticed that the street clamor they create in the lodge is far more noteworthy than what we saw with the stock Continental CrossContact LX Sport all-seasons. This is frequently the situation with winter tires and it’s commonly not a critical issue, however the Yokohamas appear to be especially uproarious. “They’re loud at parkway speeds but then the footing on day off ice is just not terrible, but not great either,” composed executive of vehicle testing Dave VanderWerp.

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Tragically, the Passport’s efficiency has not profited as much as we’d trusted from all its expressway running. On account of both the bumpy winter tires and a lot of (overwhelming footed) driving between trips, the Passport’s normal is down 2 mpg to 20, or 1 mpg not as much as its EPA joined gauge. Be that as it may, with 25,000 miles left in its spell, our effectively all around voyaged Honda certainly will hit the open street once more.

Months in Fleet: 4 months Current Mileage: 15,306 miles

Normal Fuel Economy: 20 mpg

Fuel Tank Size: 19.5 lady Observed Fuel Range: 390 miles

Administration: $134 Normal Wear: $0 Repair: $0

Harm and Destruction: $50


2019 Honda Passport EX-L AWD


front-motor, all-wheel-drive, 5-traveler, 4-entryway hatchback


$39,355 (base cost: $39,355)

Motor TYPE

SOHC 24-valve V-6, aluminum square and heads, direct fuel infusion


212 cu in, 3471 cc


280 hp @ 6000 rpm


262 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm


9-speed programmed


Suspension (F/R): swaggers/multilink

Brakes (F/R): 12.6-in vented plate/13.0-in circle

Tires: Continental CrossContact LX Sport, 245/50R-20 102H M+S


Wheelbase: 110.9 in

Length: 190.5 in

Width: 78.6 in

Tallness: 72.2 in

Traveler volume: 115 cu ft

Load volume: 41 cu ft

Control weight: 4226 lb


Rollout, 1 ft: 0.4 sec

60 mph: 6.1 sec

100 mph: 16.8 sec

110 mph: 21.7 sec

Moving beginning, 5–60 mph: 6.4 sec

Top apparatus, 30–50 mph: 3.8 sec

Top apparatus, 50–70 mph: 4.6 sec

1/4-mile: 14.7 sec @ 95 mph

Top speed (senator restricted): 114 mph

Braking, 70–0 mph: 189 ft

Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad*: 0.80 g



Watched: 20 mpg


Consolidated/city/parkway: 21/19/24 mpg


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Austin IrwinCar and Driver

When Honda restored the Passport nameplate for the 2019 model year, our sentimentality for the Isuzu Rodeo–put together body-with respect to outline that appreciated deals accomplishment during the 1990s was substantial. While we were seeking after a Honda-badged contender to the Toyota 4Runner and Jeep Wrangler, what we rather got is an abbreviated, two-push adaptation of Honda’s bigger Pilot three-push hybrid. We recently had a 2016 Pilot in our long haul armada, yet we believed it best to test the littler, livelier Passport too, especially after it won a two-push average size SUV correlation test.

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The new Passport is likely just as skilled rough terrain as the first form, despite the fact that front-wheel drive is currently the standard arrangement; four driven wheels are discretionary on all trims with the exception of the top-spec all-wheel-drive-just Elite and Black Edition. The new model’s most extreme ground freedom of 8.1 inches is just 0.1 inches lower than the 2002 Passport, the last model year of the last age. While it isn’t as square shaped in profile as that old fashioned Honda, it’s been styled to look more gutsy than the Pilot, and its short front and back shades give it more leeway for light path obligation.

VIEW PHOTOS 2019 Honda Passport

Austin IrwinCar and Driver

We settled on a mid-extend EX-L model with all-wheel drive in Black Forest Pearl—a dim metallic green that looks dark aside from in direct daylight—with obscured 20-inch aluminum wheels. In spite of the fact that the EX-L model is only one stage up from the base Sport trim, it includes calfskin upholstery, a 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment framework with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto reconciliation, a sunroof, warmed front seats with power changes for the driver, a force liftgate, SiriusXM satellite radio, back seat sunshades, warmed outside mirrors with coordinated blinkers, keyless passage, an auto-diminishing rearview mirror, and vulnerable side observing with back cross-traffic alert. The last count: $39,355.

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The long haul Passport snaps off a fair 6.1-second race to 60 mph and endures the quarter-mile traps in 14.7 seconds at 95 mph. We’ve cajoled marginally snappier occasions from different Passports, remembering the one for the correlation test, which hit 60 mph in 5.8 seconds. Braking from 70 mph required an extensive 189 feet, and the Passport surrounded the skidpad at an unobtrusive, solidness control-repressed 0.80 g. Byway, high-g dirty tricks aren’t generally the Passport’s thing.


2019 Honda Passport

Austin IrwinCar and Driver

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However this Honda has earned applause from drivers for its steady and open to feeling out and about. “Incidentally, an abbreviated Pilot makes for a phenomenal two-push, fair size SUV. Strong elements among its companions, great body control, and regular guiding heave,” executive of vehicle testing Dave VanderWerp wrote in the Passport’s logbook. “This nine-speed has made some amazing progress since it arrived in the current-gen Pilot and is presently a skillful and for the most part undetectable programmed.”

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The Honda likewise has demonstrated convenient as an utilitarian, with adequate capacity cubbies all through its lodge and a huge enough freight territory to pull photograph hardware and outdoors supplies for staff manager Austin Irwin and his better half to appreciate a long end of the week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with their pooch. “The inside support receptacle is so huge, I stowed a coat in there,” included VanderWerp. “Likewise convenient is the milk-gallon-molded receptacle in the freight zone.”


2019 Honda Passport

Austin IrwinCar and Driver

Up until this point, fuss are constrained to a continuous dissatisfaction with Honda’s oversensitive forward-impact ready framework that is a piece of the Passport’s standard Honda Sensing suite of driver-help highlights. “The brake cautioning showed up in the bunch a few times while cornering on a couple of nation streets because of approaching traffic,” composed Irwin. Appointee Buyer’s Guide supervisor Kirk Seaman additionally detailed that the Passport stuck on its brakes when it mistakenly detected an approaching crash on one of Ann Arbor’s rural byways.

Efficiency has been not too bad up until now, at a normal of 22 mpg, or 1 mpg higher than the all-wheel-drive Passport’s EPA consolidated rating. We’re intrigued to check whether we can improve that average significantly further with a couple of long stretch travels that are arranged with the Honda this fall; an all-wheel-drive Passport Elite recently dealt with a noteworthy 27 mpg on our 75-mph expressway efficiency test, besting its EPA thruway gauge by 3 mpg. With those excursions booked, we’ll most likely be inquiring in on the Passport soon, as the miles rapidly rack up.

Months in Fleet: multi month Current Mileage: 3266 miles

Normal Fuel Economy: 22 mpg

Fuel Tank Size: 19.5 lady Observed Fuel Range: 420 miles

Administration: $0